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Small Claims Efiling
Efile Small Claims
Efile Small Claims Overview
Welcome to the Electronic Filing Website of the LA Superior Court
This website allows for the initial filing of Small Claims Cases online. Once your filing is reviewed, fees are paid, and your electronic documents are accepted by the Court, your claim will be filed with the appropriate courthouse as if you had filed in person.
Please Note: You cannot file your claim on this website if any of the following are true:
  • Your claim is against a government agency
  • Your claim involves an attorney-client fee dispute
  • You are requesting a waiver of Court fees and costs
  • You are a minor, a legally incompetent person, or a person for whom a conservator has been appointed
How it works
Step 1 - Complete the questions on this website and submit your claim
Upon receiving your claim information, the Court will send a Notice of Receipt of Documents to the email address you provided. This notice contains your efiling ID number and confirms that the Court has received your document(s). (This notice does not mean that your claim has been processed or accepted by the Court)
Step 2 - Wait for the Court to either request payment or reject your filing
Upon receiving your document(s) electronically, the Court must review your claim to verify that all filing criteria have been met. If your filing is determined to be valid, the Court will email you a Notice of Payment Due that describes the fees associated with the filing and the total amount that you are required to pay. The Court will not accept any claim until payment has been made. If payment is not made by the given due date, the filing will be rejected.
If your claim is rejected, the Court will email you a Notice of Rejection of Filing stating the reasons why your claim was rejected. You will have (5) calendar days from the date of the Notice of Rejection of Filing to correct and resubmit your claim. If you fail to complete and resubmit your claim to the Court within those (5) calendar days, your claim and any associated information will be deleted from this website and you will need to start over.
Step 3 - Pay any fees that are due by credit card
Log in to this website and look for your filing under the 'View Payment Due' menu option. Once you have located and selected your filing, follow the instructions for entering your credit card information and submit your payment.
Once the Court has received your payment, a Notice of Acceptance of Filing and a copy of the processed documents will be sent to you by email for your records. Once you receive this email, your filing has been accepted and the initial filing of your small claims case is complete.
Please Note:

You may also have to arrange to serve the defendant(s) with notice of the law suit after your initial claim filing has been accepted.

For all small claims matters filed in Van Nuys, you must serve all named defendants with the Los Angeles County Consumer & Business Affairs Department's Online Dispute Resolution flyer.

Click here to view the Frequently Asked Questions.



The efiling process has changed: The new process is described below in the 'How it works' section. Please review the new process thoroughly before proceeding to the Login page.
Sensitive personal information must be removed or redacted: Sanctions can be imposed for including Social Security and Financial Information in filed documents...(read more)
Per-use Fees
A $10.00 efiling Service Provider fee will be collected for each claim filed electronically through this website. This is in addition to any regular filing fees. This fee reimburses the Court for providing electronic public access services.
i. You will be asked a number of questions during the filing process which are designed to assist you in completing and submitting the necessary Judicial Council forms. The Court will not be responsible for any delays or rejections of your claims arising from information you provide that is incomplete or inaccurate.
ii. Once started, you have (5) calendar days to complete and submit your claim on this website. Any claims not completed within that period of time will be deleted.
iii. Filing a document electronically does not alter or extend any filing deadline. A document that is received electronically with the Court after the close of business is considered to have been filed on the next Court day. Currently, the Court closes for business at 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, except Court holidays.
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